Our Park is located approximately 600m from the beautiful Silver Sands beach. This beach is a  child friendly option, for those who like a bit of surf. To access this beach simply turn right at the entry of the park and walk 180m towards Henson St.  Turn left onto Henson St and keep walking until you hit Henson Park and the Silver Sands beach. Henson park has a playground and BBQ facilities. To the left of this entry point, all the way to Stewart St is a dog friendly beach, where dogs are permitted off leash.

For those looking for a kid friendly flat beach try Lido beach, located 5 minutes by car. This beach is a man-made swimming area and perfect for little ones. There is plenty of sand and a shelter if you wish to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. The beach adjoins Keith Holmes Reserve which has many facilities available such as barbeques, all day parking and play equipment for the kids. This beach also adjoins the Marina, so has a lot to offer and is definitely a winner.

Another superb beach is Town Beach located in Central Mandurah. Access is via Dolphin Drive in the Mandurah Ocean Marina. Turn right past the Dolphin Pool to find the car park overlooking this popular swimming and fishing beach. It is close to Deli/shops/restaurants/markets which are located nearby at the Mandurah Ocean Marina. There is some shelter provided, bike racks and Public Toilets/Shower.

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