Pet Policy

Thank you for choosing to stay at the Mandurah Coastal Holiday Park with your pet. We hope you have a great time. For the convenience and safety of all guests, we ask you to comply with our Pet Policy during your stay.  We ask you to read the Policy below and acknowledge the rules outlined below.

  • My pet is a domesticated dog or cat and is free from communicable diseases and has all relevant vaccinations.
  • My pet is not listed as a Dangerous Dog or Restricted Breed in Western Australia (See WA Government Fact Sheet Here)
  • Pets are permitted on pet friendly sites and in pet friendly cabins only.
  • There is a maximum of 2 small dogs/cats per site/cabin or 1 large dog per site/cabin.
  • All dogs/cats must be kept on a lead at all times when not inside cabins/enclosures/or caravans.
  • I must declare that I am travelling with a pet upon check in and the size of pet I am travelling with.
  • Charges may apply in the event that my pet causes damage to park property, or if the pet friendly cabin/shack I am staying in is left excessively dirty/stained as a result of my pet. I authorise my credit card to be charged for additional costs incurred in repairing damages caused by my pet. My credit card will be securely stored by the park. Costs will be determined at the sole discretion of the Mandurah Coastal Holiday Park.
  • I must collect, remove and dispose of all pet litter and or waste associated with my pet. The waste should be placed into a plastic bag and put into the blue garbage bins provided by the park.
  • Pets are not permitted in shared park facilities, such as reception, camp kitchen, ablutions, laundry or barbeque areas.
  • No pet should be left unattended at the park at any time.
  • If scheduled cleaning is required by our housekeeping staff, the pet must be removed from the cabin or restrained outside the cabin.
  • I am responsible for the behaviour of my pet during my stay and I will ensure that my pet will not affect the quiet enjoyment of others. Examples of affecting the quiet enjoyment are excessive barking and or aggressive behaviour toward others. If my pet is deemed to disrupt the quiet enjoyment of others, at the request of management, I must find an alternative stay arrangement for my pet.
  • I am responsible for all costs associated with an injury caused to another (animal or human), as a result of my pet, during my stay at Mandurah Coastal Holiday Park.
  • I will not hold accountable Mandurah Coastal Holiday Park ownership, management, staff or guests, for any injury or damage caused to my pet, or any losses, claims or damages.
  • Management may refuse any pet from staying in the park, and can, at anytime ask me or my pet to leave the premises without reimbursement if I do not comply with the park’s Pet Policy.