Mandurah is a local dream destination just 50 minutes south of Perth. Some of Australia’s most spectacular waterways including the Peel-Harvey estuary, which is twice the size of Sydney Harbour, is located in Mandurah. For surf on Mandurah’s Peel Coast, check out The Pyramids, Tim’s Thicket, Avalon Point and Falcon Bay.Between the vibrant coastal city of Mandurah and the pristine islands are reefs of Rockingham’s Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. Rockingham offers a wide range of water activities including windsurfing and kite surfing opportunities, with Secret Harbour, Palm Beach and Safety Bay being popular spots for learning how to surf.

  • Surfing Spots Mandurah: The Pyramids, Tims Thicket, Avalon Point, Falcon Bay
  • Surfing Spots Rockingham: Secret Harbour, Avalon Point, Golden Bay, Singleton Beaches, Safety Bay, Palm Beach
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